• Ordering

  • What type of file is needed to successfully order?

    To successfully order you need to upload your 3D model in .STL file format

  • How do can I check the price of my models?

    Your quotation is done automatically in real time, no need to email files and wait for reply. You just browse or drag & drop your STL file into the uploader box on "Quote Now" page. Decide what materials and additional options fit your needs and your price will be automatically updated.

  • How can I order?

    After uploading your file and choosing the desired settings press "Go to checkout" Fill in all required fields for invoice and delivery and proceed according to instructions to payment form. After we receive payment confirmation we will send you an email with your order status and all additional information.

  • Can you order more than one model at once?

    Yes. You can upload many files in one drag & drop, or add additional files one after another. Of course you can apply different materials and settings to each one.

  • What colours will my models be in?

    The colours of your models can be such as the one listed in “Materials & properties” Choose correct material/color when ordering, if you wish for a specific one that is not listed in our offer, please contact us by mail and we will see what we can do.

  • When will you start processing my order?

    We start processing your order when we received the payment confirmation with regard to line of prints for other models, you will receive an email from us with all information.

  • Shipment & delivery

  • What is the estimated delivery time?

    Delivery time depends on type and size of the order. You will receive an email from us with all information.

  • How do we ship?

    We use courier delivery (DHL/UPS) as our services. We pack your models in eco friendly material in a safe and secure way so they arrive intact to your doorstep.